Mechanical Contractor

What Can a Mechanical Contractor do For Your Business?

As you know running a business is not without its difficulties. As well as the customer facing side of things, the nuts and bolts of keeping your premises running on a day to day basis is fraught with difficulties and challenges.

Climatix Group are a mechanical contractor that use their years of experience and superior industry knowledge to create the perfect climate for your business. They’re here to explain how some of the services of a mechanical contractor can benefit your business, whatever its size or nature.

Mechanical design

One of the most valuable contributions of a Climatix Group mechanical contractor is their ability to look at all systems of a building in a comprehensive and professional way, and use ‘joined-up-thinking’ to come up with a sound design solution that maximises efficiency and economy.

Air conditioning and ventilation

A properly ventilated workplace is crucial for worker efficiency, hygiene, and health and safety. A Climatix Group professional mechanical contractor can create a passive or mechanical ventilation system that utilises the design features of the building to maximise efficiency and minimise cost, or install and maintain an effective air conditioning system instead.

Heating and renewable energy installations

Heating can often be one of the biggest utility costs for a workplace, and a properly installed commercial boiler and heating system are a great way of minimising these costs, as well as ensuring the safety and comfort of both equipment and personnel. A mechanical contractor from Climatix Group will also be able to advise on and install renewable energy measures that further reduce long term expenditure and help protect the environment.

Plumbing and drainage

Plumbing and drainage systems, as well as sprinklers, dry risers, and anything concerning liquid transmission, are subject to stringent rules and require advanced knowledge and accreditation. Climatix Group are experienced in these fields and can make the process of installing and maintaining these systems straightforward and affordable.

To find out more about the professional services Climatix Group offer such as reliable and affordable heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, please contact our helpful team on 0845 218 208