Company Culture


Vision Statement

To be the preferred supplier of choice in mechanical services, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration through providing excellence in engineering, creating perfect climates.

Mission Statement

We are a company dedicated to providing a superior service to each customer across the areas of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Whether our customers require a single repair, a multi-system installation or a comprehensive maintenance package, Climatix Group will provide the right solution as simply, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

We will always ensure our engineers are fully trained in the latest products and technical advances. Our highly skilled engineers complete every job to exacting standards and always conduct themselves in a professional and friendly manor. We will ensure that we have, as a company, all relevant accreditations to ensure we remain a leader in our field.

Our skilled design team work on a one to one basis creating bespoke systems to appositely serve each customer’s individual requirements. From one unit to an integrated multi-functional system our designers can specify the right equipment and also work to value engineer projects to ensure the customers are getting the best value for money.

Climatix Group provide mechanical services to a wide variety of business sectors including offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, laboratories and night clubs; anywhere that climate control is important. Understanding that no two customers’ requirements are the same is the key to our business success.

Points of Culture

Climatix Group works as one unit. To ensure that each person who works here is dedicated to providing a superior level of service to our customers, every employee must strive to abide by our points of culture.

1. Excellence in Quality: Our Pillar of Difference

We ensure that every part of our service is of the highest quality, from the products we supply to the level of workmanship. We won’t accept second best or ‘just good enough’. This means that we continually strive to add value to those we work with. Being successful means always being open to learning new skills. However, simply having knowledge is not enough; we must apply that knowledge and learn from doing so.

2. Reliability & Responsibility: Our Cornerstone of Achievement

We make a pledge to be on site on time. At Climatix Group we understand that one of the most frustrating things for our customers is engineers who are unreliable. Therefore, we are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. We take responsibility for our work on every project from initial enquiries through to project completion. We will always ensure that as a company we are up to date with all relevant accreditation and our engineers are fully trained and qualified.

3. Openness & Honesty: Our Way of Communicating

We will always be open, honest and proactive with our customers, suppliers and other members of staff. We are open in our communication with others and are always willing to accept – and learn from – constructive feedback. We only make agreements we are willing and able to fulfil. This means that we will communicate any potential problems to you as soon as we can, while offering appropriate solutions to rectify them. We will always preserve the best interests of our customers and advise them to the best of our technical knowledge.

4. Commitment: Our Way of Being

We are committed to the Vision, Mission, Culture and Success of Climatix Group Ltd, its recommended products and services, its past, current and future team, and its clients at all times. We are committed to putting my efforts 100% to assist clients, my team and the company.

5. Environmental: Respecting Our World

We will always ensure that all of our practices are as environmentally considerate as possible. As a company we recycle wherever possible, both on site and in the office, and endeavour to keep wastage to a minimum. We also support and promote Cool Earth, a charity dedicated to protecting our rainforests.

6. Team Work: Our Way of Working Together

Behind every great business, there’s a great team. At Climatix Group Ltd, the achievement of our team’s goals means that we can help all the businesses we work with achieve their own specific goals. However, we know that sometimes mistakes are made – and we’re always prepared to reflect on them and learn from them.

7. Integrity: The Foundation of Our Success

Each employee at Climatix Group must have the integrity to uphold the above values and as an equal opportunity employer we also uphold and respect our employee’s personal values and beliefs. As a company we will always deliver what we promise and will never make false claims.

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