The Full Solution to Engineering Projects, many strands to our service.

Many strands to our service – we offer the full solution to engineering projects


The full solution to engineering projects.

Our focus today is to provide all key services that allow us to offer a full solution to engineering projects and that means we control and deliver expert advice from quoting for mechanical projects to design, running the projects through to completion with a full onsite team and project management.  Our team provides an array of key skills and years of experience to be a partner of choice for high value, technical mechanical engineering solutions for key projects through many sectors and to varying scales. 

Many stands to our service allow us to offer the full solution to engineering projects

The Climatix team

Project Tenders / Quotes

Instrumental to our success is how Climatix will consider your project to deliver an estimate for the work to carry out with no stone left unturned. Attention to detail and knowledge of our market enables us to be able to present back an accurate and binding proposal.

HVAC Quoting and Design

Project design

Key to each project is the individual design solution to meet the criteria. Leading the design solution is Mark Connor and Stephen Hammond with support along the way from Byron Ward, Chris Hargreaves and Scott Wood, all collectively bring a whole range of knowledge, scale and dimension to all the projects we work on. Our approach is quite simply to assign the right team for each project. Our experts work alongside Rory Robinson, CAD Technician to bring to life the project through precise modelled drawings. Design of any project is the starting point, whereby it gets all parties engaged in the process and suggestions for placement in the building. Teamwork is therefore key to ensure we all connect key parties at this point to define the best solution.

Pre-construction/running projects

Smooth planning and implementation is the key and so our focus is to ensure we have covered all aspects of the project before we actually get on site. Project management and co-ordinating all key areas such as on site schedule, working around other onsite contractors, communicating through the journey from planning to actually implementing and staring the workflow to installation. Working collaboratively as a team, all aspects of planning are considered. Ashley Ward (DipNEBOSH) ensures all Health and Safety criteria are adhered to with a team approach to CDM requirements.

HVAC Installation and Aftercare

Onsite working practices

Our expert onsite team structure includes Richard Carey as Project Supervisor who handles multiple projects with our senior foremen who are on site throughout, including Jason Marshall, Joshua Briggs, Mark Smith and Ian Gill. Focus, structure and timing is the key to our success on site, as we appreciate we often work alongside other contractors, especially on the large scale projects we do, so our expert team ensure we deliver.

Quality control leads to outstanding customer service

To be able to offer a high quality full solution to engineering projects, all members of our team focus on outstanding customer service, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence and that must be seen at all stages of the project. Our relationships with our customers is focused on trust and our work ethic is to excel and ensure we deliver every time. Leading quality control comes from Byron Ward, Chris Hargreaves and Scott Wood for onsite work with regular check and touch points with our customers to deliver high standards. For all our installations ongoing annual and service checks are managed by Andrew Foster with a clear focus on continuous assessment as required to ensure everything is running most efficiently.

Leading Apprenticeships through Climatix

A commitment to our entire team and the industry we work in, is to support young people that are keen to learn while they work. Apprenticeships are important to the business, we have 2 key team members that are both at different stages in their apprenticeship, but both truly adding value and support to our team in extending our skills to grow fresh talent.

Jamie Arblaster, has been an apprentice with Climatix for 4 years and Joe Yeomans is our new apprentice who will be starting with us very soon.

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