Leading engineering apprenticeships are encoraged at Climatix

Byron Ward, Managing Director at Climatix, encourages the apprenticeship scheme to engage with the business.  A commitment to our entire team and the industry we work in is to support young people that are keen to learn while they work. Leading engineering apprenticeships are important to the business and we currently have 2 key team members that are both at different stages of their apprenticeships but both truly add value and support to our team in extending our skills and are helping us to grow fresh talent for the future.

Apprenticeships especially in today’s climate are rewarding for both parties but importantly allow them to:

  • Earn, learn and work at the same time
  • Receive qualifications, so always a goal to aim for
  • Gain independence and respect from peers
  • Benefit from ongoing support through their work and surrounding team
  • Gain real life work experience
  • Improve their chances of being employed
  • Develop new skills

At Climatix, our apprenticeship scheme is very important, not only do we want to help drive future careers in mechanical engineering, but we all appreciate you have to start somewhere.  It’s good for our team to help nurture these young apprenticeships, plus it keeps us all on our toes!

Learning while working, is a healthy way to get started in our industry and there is nothing better than hands on experience and being able to learn from our highly experienced team.  Our sector and scale of projects, ensures our leading engineering apprenticeships experience all stages of key projects with team members to mentor them every step of the way!

Jamie Arblaster, joined in October 2016.  Jamie has been on a journey combining hands on experience and college to learn the role of an apprentice engineer. The entire team have been mentors for Jamie allowing him to work on many key projects during his apprenticeship.  The York Community Stadium boiler room project was a key project for Jamie and formed a key part of his portfolio to which he is now a qualified level 3 and embracing more responsibility whilst continuing to focus on his welding apprenticeship. Jamie is now looking forward to more responsibility and continuing to develop his career as part of the Climatix Group.

Joe Yeamans, a new apprentice that jointed Climatix and is starting his first year combining hands on experience and college.  In these uncertain times, we have worked hard to ensure all our team continue to work together and plan for the future.  We look forward to supporting Joe on his journey to become a qualified engineer.

“Our future pipeline is looking great as we look to expand into new sectors that need our services. It is exciting times for Climatix Group, our team are second to none and this ensures we can keep doing what we do very well.  The reward we feel when our young apprentices qualify is just fantastic and demonstrates our good teamwork, high standards and support to enable growth.” Byron Ward.

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